Sustainable Mobility Guide

Sustainable Mobility Guide cover image
for Municipal LeadersMagyarul

Hungarian Young Greens, Budapest, 2007, 52 pages

The Sustainable Mobility Guide is an attractive packet of information, articles, suggestions and statistics, designed to paint a picture of sustainable and beautiful urban landscape, complete with positive sustainable transportation developments, carfree areas, bike-friendly and green improvements. The aim of the Guide is to catch the attention of city officials, urban planners, and interested citizens.
The guide is divided up along several topics, including environmental impact of widespread private car use, healthy cities infrastructure, pedestrian areas, public areas, green areas, traffic evaporation, traffic calming measures, sustainable urban transport strategies. Many examples and best practices from around the world are given.

The guide is currently available in four languages (English, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Turkish) but further translations are also welcome.

A printed copy of the guide is also available (English, Hungarian). 

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