Social Bike Business

What is Social Bike?

Social Bike Business has come to Budapest! 
This innovative program will establish a neighborhood center that brings transportation bicycling into the lives of disadvantaged residents of Budapest –
 spearheaded by the NGO ZöFi (Hungarian Young Greens).
The Social Bike Business concept was originated by One Street, an international non-proft organization based in Arizona, USA. Included in the concept is the establishment of a bicycle manufacturing operation, a Social Bike Community Center, a job training program targeting socially marginalized people, social bike shop(s), and last but not least affordable transportation bicycles.

The Social Bike Community Center

The plan is to create a Community Center which provides a (bike) cultural space, and includes also classrooms for the training program, bike repair area and small offce. Ideally, a large enough facility will include the manufacturing space and bike shop. 
We are currently looking for a suitable space in the 8th District, easily accessible and welcoming to socially marginalized people. Also at this stage we are seeking funding as well as logistical and in-kind support to ensure a successful launch of the Social Bike Community Center. 

Our Business Model

The Social Bike Business program couples the principle of social business with the for-proft structure, yet serving in frst place the needs of socially marginalized people. The program entails a local training center that trains and employs impoverished locals to refurbish, design, manufacture and distribute affordable, quality transportation bicycles to people in need. This involves a qualifying process of individuals entering the program, to make sure that they are in need and also will have the commitment to complete the program.

Social Bike Shops

Most of the product distribution is done through social bike shops established by the program in the target neighborhoods. These bike shops are owned by locals who have been trained in bicycle business management at the center.  Those who graduated from the job training program have learned not just to repair and manufacture bikes, but also how to successfully run a business - skills that can be applied anywhere!

Our Step-by-Step Strategy

The frst stage is the crucial one where we go be  yond the initial planning and brainstorming phases, and get into actual work, laying the foundations for the job training program. As we have been awarded our frst fnancial support, we are able to rapidly develop our program in the fall of 2010.

Stage 1 – Laying the foundations

a) Develop Partnerships
b) Initiate job training program
c) Develop curriculum, including job training certifcation 
d) Business Plan development
e) Write funding proposals for the next stages. In order to fully launch the frst stage we have already gathered a core team of people who are enthusiastic about coordinating and developing the program. This stage includes launching the frst job training program, targeting twenty individuals who will learn bicycle repair skills. We are also concentrating on job-placement strategies from the very beginning.

Stage 2 – Setting up the Social Bike Community Center

a) Classroom space with seating to accommodate up to 30 students
b) Reception area featuring interactive educational displays and exhibits
c) Small offce/administration area
d) Provide refurbished used bicycles 
e) Bicycle repair training stations including tools, electronics and training materials
f) Upgrading the center: waste-free, public art, recycle bike parts

Once we have secured a location, we will be able to expand our job training program and include new 
modules and an expanded curriculum. Our full-time staff will ensure smooth operations and a welcoming 
cultural space.

Stage 3 – Expanding to include manufacturing

a) Social bike prototype completed with guidance from existing manufacturers
b) Fully equipped bike manufacturing and repair space
c) Curriculum to include manufacturing, jobs access, bike business owner training 
d) Development of bicycle museum
e) Expansion of activities into rural parts of Hungary

With the center up and running, the training program 
in full gear and the center brimming with life, we can 
expand the operations to include bike manufacturing, 
as well as adding new components or spreading to 
other locations.

What next?

We will be happy to further discuss this exciting 
program with you, and we are open to your input. 
The success of this program will depend on fnding 
backers who are able to catch the vision and would 
like to support our efforts. We are open to the further 
direct involvement of interested parties! 

About us  

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This project is going live thanks to Accenture who has chosen this 
program as the winner of its Skills to Succeed Award 2010.