Past projects

Note: a number of the projects listed here may reappear again as current projects, depending on the availability of ZöFi members and the needs or support level at the given time.

The Magdi project targeted inner-city youth in the socially-marginalised 8th district of Budapest. The project involved regular workshops for youth at a local cultural centre as well as the publication of a monthly newspaper, titled “Magdi”. One event of the project was the “Magdi Festival” which involved a street party with a concert and many programmes.

Free-shop is a place where people could bring their unused items and exchange them for something else. This took place for many years under ZöFi supervision in the 8th district.

In the area of transport and city planning, ZöFi produced the Sustainable Mobility Guide for Municipalities, available in four languages. This project involved also distribution and outreach to Bulgaria and Turkey.

“Women teach Women to repair bicycles” was a special bike workshop series aimed at providing women cyclists with confidence in self-repair.

“Pump it Up” is a creative short film designed for ZöFi by Frottír group, and was used as an awareness-raising tool on transport choices.

ZöFi has frequently supported Budapest Critical Mass. This popular bicycle manifestation has seen as many as 80,000 participants in Budapest. ZöFi has provided events following the ride, has screened a documentary film about Critical Mass and has also represented the Hungarian bicycle movement at many international meetings.

The Living City programme was a green rehabilitation of inner courts of apartment buildings and greening of inner-city empty plots.

ZöFi published two periodicals, Akció! (Action!) with the aim of promoting sustainable living and participation in the civil sphere, as well as „Autóirtó” (Carbusters) magazine – on traffic and transport alternatives.

ZöFi hosted European Voluntary Service (EVS) international volunteers, and has also acted as the sending organisation for this programme.

“Disztró” (Distribution) was a project to bring a wide variety of literature and pamphlets to various parts of Budapest – a way to keep citizens informed of current projects, actions and events pertaining to civil society.

“Travelling club” was the name given to a monthly symposium, held at various locations, and focusing on a specific social topic, discussed by invited guests.

ZöFi organised two international youth camps. One of them was titled Kukuriku, and concentrated on art and activism. The other one was DIY – Do it yourself, and brought young people from all over Europe to a farm in the south of Hungary. ZöFi has also frequently sent participants to international gatherings elsewhere.