About us

ZÖFI - Hungarian Green Roots was founded in 2001. ZöFi is an independent NGO, consisting of young and enthusiastic people, including many volunteers who take part in a wide range of projects aimed at promoting a more sustainable environment and society. ZöFi connects the 'classical' issues of nature conservation and the protection of the environment (both natural and urban) with a host of other issues concerning the protection of civil rights, human dignity, solidarity, equal opportunity, the caring for marginalised minorities and more. ZöFi is not affiliated with any political party. 

ZöFi is one of the founding members of the Hungarian "Fair World Fair Trade Association", (www.fairvilag.org) and raises awareness about global issues and Fair Trade with the cooperation of the other member organisations. ZöFi is active in working groups of other Hungarian NGOs, like the Globalance group (www.globalance.hu) or Ecological Consumption and Sustainable Transportation.

ZöFi is active on the international level as well, being members of FYEG - Federation of Young European Greens (www.fyeg.org ), and the World Carfree Network (www.worldcarfree.net), realising international and European projects together with the member organisations – such as organising conferences, trainings and intercultural youth exchanges. ZöFi has both a Budapest chapter as well as Pécs chapter. For activities connected to Pécs, please see zofipecs.blogspot.com.

Contact us at: Karácsony Sándor u. 22/B. 1086 Budapest 
phone/fax: (36 1) 266 6978 
e-mail: info-at-zofi-dot-hu