Current activities

ZöFi has extensive experience in organising awareness-raising events on a wide range of social and ecological issues. The association has organised several large-scale festivals and frequently takes part in annual events such as Earth Day, the “Green Courtyard” at the Sziget Festival, Buy Nothing Day and World Carfree Day. ZöFi also routinely holds film screenings.

ZöFi’s flagship educational programme is Mirror to the World. This is an awareness raising tool that targets issues such as environmental protection and global solidarity. Apart from the high school educational component this also includes an interactive exhibition. The exhibition has been held in several top venues in Budapest and frequently tours the countryside. When considering the total number of visitors, Mirror to the World is the most successful outreach programme of ZöFi.

In the area of transport, a recent addition to ZöFi is Social Bike Business. This is an innovative programme that will establish a neighborhood center that brings transportation bicycling into the lives of disadvantaged residents of Budapest. Included in the concept is the establishment of a bicycle manufacturing operation, a Community Center, a job training programme, social bike shop, as well as affordable transportation bicycles.

Food in Garden Edible (FIGE) is an international learning project that ZöFi has joined, and involves research and visits to gardens, farms and ecovillages in the participating countries.

Fair Trade – African Art is a project being currently developed, that brings the themes of Fair Trade as well as African culture to Hungarian Society. Apart from making African art available, a long-term goal is to create international cooperation between Hungary and Mozambique.

ZöFi has translated films into Hungarian from the UN International Forest Film festival. These films are now being screened to the Hungarian public.
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